A Complete Travel Guide To The Capital of Meghalaya: Shillong

Shillong, the state capital of Meghalaya, is a lovely city surrounded by pine trees and serves as the state’s administrative center. It gets its name from Lei Shillong, an idol worshiped at the Shillong Peak, where the town is located. This hill station, which rises to 1496 meters, is well-known for its weather, attractive settings, and cultural traditions. Some sometimes refer to this area as the “Scotland of the East.” There are descendants of the Khyrim, Mylliem, Maharam, Mallaisohmat, Bhowal, and Langrim tribes that you can find in the region.

Waterfalls abound in Shillong, Meghalaya’s main city, home to the state’s capital. The tourist places of Shillong are:

  • The exhilarating mountain peaks.
  • Crystal clear lakes.
  • Stunningly gorgeous golf courses.
  • Cafés.
  • Museums that the city offers.

Beyond its natural beauty, Shillong serves as a gateway to Meghalaya, a state known for severe rainfalls, caving, the highest waterfalls in the world, and stunning natural landscapes, not to mention its outstanding people and culture. Shillong, in particular, has come to the attention of the media because of its cheery people and their unique culture. On the other hand, Shillong has a fairly westernized culture, and the city has a very youthful vibe to it. Shillong is also known as the “Music Capital of India” because of many well-known artists from this region. There are several music events taking place throughout the year, making it a highly active location.

Best Time To Visit Shillong 

In Shillong, September to May are the most enjoyable since the temperature is still good throughout these months. It does rain occasionally, although the amount is far less than during the monsoon season, which is between June and August. The area suffers significant rains during the season, making it difficult and unpleasant to visit the region’s tourist destinations and other attractions. The splendor of the monsoon season is at its greatest, as the landscape transforms into a magnificent paradise, with lush foliage, lakes, ponds, and waterfalls springing to life all over the place. As a result, it might be a worthwhile destination to visit during the off-season for some.

How To Reach Shillong 

By Air: 

Shillong Airport in Umroi is a tiny airport serviced by Alliance Air and is situated 40 kilometers away from Shillong. It is accessible by Alliance Air aircraft. To transport passengers from the airport to the major cities in the state, the Meghalaya Transport Corporation (MTC) operates bus services. It is possible to fly regularly from Shillong to several places, including Ahmedabad and Aizawl and Bangalore, Chennai, and Delhi. To go to Shillong from the airport, shared taxis (usually small vehicles from the airport and bigger Tata Sumos from Guwahati town center) are available from the exterior of the airport terminal building.

By Bus: 

To go from Guwahati to Shillong, you may take the bus. Many commercial and government-operated luxury and regular tourist buses run at regular intervals throughout the day.

By Taxi: 

A cab is a more convenient and pleasant option for a convenient and comfortable commute. You may also take advantage of shared cab service to save money. Driving through the woods and wind will leave an indelible imprint on your mind for the rest of your life.

By Train: 

As of right now, there are no adequate train lines in Meghalaya. The closest railway station is Guwahati, 105 kilometers away from Shillong, and serves as a connecting point to the rest of the country. It is well linked to all other important cities by train, which connects it to the rest of the world. 

Best Places To Visit in Shillong 

Do you want to know the top tourist places to visit in Shillong? A vacation to Shillong is not limited to natural beauty; several adventure activities will make your holiday unforgettable! Here are some of the most amazing tourist places at Shillong to view the hill station’s ethereal beauty. Each of the places mentioned below will assure a great visit to this gorgeous Meghalayan city. Please make a point of seeing most of them since this will provide you with a good understanding of Meghalaya’s culture and traditions.

#1. Umiam Lake 

Umiam Lake, surrounded by lush coniferous trees and the East Khasi Hills, is one of the gorgeous places to visit in Shillong. This enormous man-made lake feature, known as Badapani, was built by damming the Umiam River. The lake is studded with a few tiny islands, and the nearby Lum Nehru Park is perfect for walking and picnicking.

Along with natural beauty, Umiam Lake is well-known for exhilarating water sports and entertaining activities, including kayaking, boating, water cycling, and scooting, and is a must-see on any Shillong tourism itinerary. 

#2. Shillong Peak 

Shillong Peak, the highest observation point and one of the greatest places to visit in Shillong offers a breathtaking perspective of the surrounding hills and valleys. Shillong Peak, at 6449 feet and sometimes covered in fog, offers a panoramic view of Bangladesh’s distant hills, waterfalls, Shillong city, and plains. For nature lovers, photographers, and hikers, this region is definitely one of Shillong’s top tourism attractions.

#3. Elephant Falls 

Elephant Falls is a three-tiered flowing beauty and the town’s most spectacular waterfall. It is one of the most gorgeous places to visit in Shillong. The British called it after a massive adjacent rock with an eerie likeness to an elephant. The rock, however, is no longer visible since it was demolished in an earthquake. You may find more information on this location at the Shillong Tourism Center.

At Elephant Falls in Shillong, you may witness the beauty of frothy water falling in tiers, surrounded by deep greenery, and enjoy shopping for goods at local stores at the entrance. 

#4. Laitlum Canyons

Laitlum Canyons, perched in the Khasi Hills, is the most unusual name on the list of Shillong tourist attractions. Laitlum Canyon, which translates as “end of the hills,” is a wonderful destination for trekkers, nature lovers, and tranquility seekers. Enjoy breathtaking views of gorges, distant hills, valleys, and zigzagging mountainous roads from this mountaintop viewpoint. Trekking through these canyons is also one of the best things to do in Shillong. 

#5. Don Bosco Museum

The Don Bosco Museum of Indigenous Cultures, one of the top places to visit in Shillong, welcomes every visitor, art lover, and history buff with open arms. Art galleries, large collections of handicrafts, artifacts, attires, jewelry, and weaponry used by numerous tribes of North-east India, and panoramic views of the whole Northeast India are available. The museum is a seven-story tower on the grounds of Sacred Heart Church that has seventeen separate exhibits. This is without a doubt one of the top tourist attractions in Shillong. 

#6. All Saints Cathedral

All Saints Cathedral, one of the city’s oldest cathedrals, is undoubtedly one of the top locations to see in Shillong. The tower has a colonial-style design with wooden roofing, and the interior components contribute to the Cathedral’s beauty and elegance. Daily masses are held here. However, the majority of visitors come on Sundays. Shillong tourism has made it one of the most popular destinations.

Best Places To Stay in Shillong 

Shillong has a wide range of hotels, guesthouses, and resorts to suit all budgets and needs. You may select from 5-star and budget-friendly hotels and enjoy a pleasant stay with wonderful facilities. The following are some of the top places to stay in Shillong:

  • The Heritage Club
  • Hotel Polo Towers
  • Cafe Shillong Bed and Breakfast
  • Quinton Enclave
  • Hotel Woodland Hill Stay 

Best Places To Eat in Shillong 

While tourism attractions draw visitors to Shillong, the cuisine in this hill region is not to be overlooked. The cuisines served at the restaurants here reflect the city’s colorful history. There is a wide range of cuisine from local dishes to Chinese, Assamese, and Bengali cuisine to satisfy your taste buds. Here are some of the top places to dine in Shillong for a delectable gastronomic experience: 

  • City Hut Family Dhaba
  • Dejavu
  • Cafe Shillong
  • Dylan’s Cafe
  • Ginger Restaurant
  • Lamee Restaurant 

Are you planning a vacation to Shillong soon? Then make the most out of your vacation by including these fascinating locations to see in Shillong, which will enhance your whole vacation experience. 

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