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A Tourist Information Guide on How to Explore Charismatic Munsiyari

Munsiyari is known as the “Mini Kashmir” of Uttarakhand thanks to the presence of the grand snow-clad mountains. This town, which is located near the Nepalese and Tibetan International border, happens to be a paradise for adventure buffs. Lots of tourists are attracted to Munsiyari Uttarakhand every year mainly because of its scenic beauty. In this article, we have mentioned a comprehensive Munsiyari tourist guide that should come of use to you.

How to reach Munsiyari?

Since Munsiyari is not connected directly with any major city in the country, it can be somewhat difficult to travel to this location. The nearest railway station and airport are located more than 200 km away. It can be somewhat exhausting to travel by road since your journey has to be broken at various points. While the Kausani to Munsiyari distance is 163 km by road, the aerial distance happens to be 66 km. The nearest airport is Pantnagar located at a distance of 250 km from Munsiyari. In case you come by road, it will be suggested to break your journey at different locations and eventually change the bus from Pithoragarh or Almora. The local transport in Munsiyari is quite convenient and there are the options of renting private vehicles as well. 

Munsiyari place to visit

Birthi Falls

This amazing waterfall can be located while going to Munsiyari. Being a captivating picnic spot, Birthi Falls is located 35 km away from Munsiyari. You have to go through a small trek on your way to this location, and your car has to be parked prior to proceeding on this trek. This spot is ideal for trekking since it does not have any railing being open on both sides. Birthi Falls attracts lots of tourists thanks to the rare varieties of sparrows and butterflies which are found here.


Dharchula happens to be one of the most enchanting Uttarakhand visiting places where one will be able to witness a wonderful reflection of the diverse and rich culture of the state. Located in the Pithoragarh District, this spot is known to be a major stopover while going to Kailash Mansarovar. This small town is home to the Bhotiyas and Kumaonis which provide this place with a culture quite different from the rest of Uttarakhand. Dharchula happens to be the ideal place for nature enthusiasts thanks to its outstanding scenic beauty. The presence of the Panchuli Peaks is also quite special right here. One can perform trekking in this region given that it is amongst the most notable base points for a number of long and short treks.

Kalamuni Top

This one is an elevated tourist location while going to Munsiyari town. Its location is approximately 15 km ahead of Munsiyari and its altitude happens to be 9700 feet. Kalamuni Top houses a historic temple dedicated to Goddess Kali. One more reason that attracts so many tourists here is the outstanding view of the majestic Panchachuli Mountains. Here, we like to mention that there is a tradition at the temple which makes the devotees tie bells while offering prayers to the goddess in the compound of the temple. 

Thamri Kund

In case you are exploring places to visit Uttarakhand, then Thamri Kund should not be missed at all. It is an interesting freshwater lake situated in the Kumaon Valley. While reaching this lake, it will be imperative to go through a trek encircled by thick paper trees. It is advisable to start your journey early in the morning since it will take quite some time to get to the lake. Thamri Kund is surrounded by alpine trees where you will be able to spot deer as well.

Maheshwari Kund

Tourism Uttarakhand welcomes you to Maheshwari Kund which happens to be an ancient lake having a profound mythological value. Individuals are of the notion that Yaksha took the decision to take vengeance on the villages of Munsiyari when they ended up drying this lake. Consequently, the town had to experience a sequence of droughts until the villagers begged an apology before the Yaksha. This ritual is practiced even today by the locals out here. Maheshwari Kund offers a panoramic view of the reputed Panchachuli mountain range where one will come across some rare varieties of marshlands and shrubs. 


Located only 5 km away from Munsiyari, this location is one of the most interesting places of visit in Uttarakhand and is well-known for its hot water springs. People are of the notion that this hot water has the ability to treat a number of health conditions such as body ache, rheumatism, and skin burns. Being isolated from the hectic city life, the small village of Madkot is amongst the most tranquil and peaceful sites in the Munsiyari district. Apart from this, the temperature of this location is quite pleasant which will make you completely spellbound. Cab services are available at present for reaching Madkot from Munsiyari. 

Narayan Ashram

Being located at an altitude of 2,734 m and established by Narayan Swami in the year 1936, this is another interesting tourist place of Uttarakhand that you ought to visit. One can consider this place to be a reputed socio-economic and spiritual spot that is approximately 40 km from Munsiyari.


Being one of the lesser-known places visit in Uttarakhand, Chaukori provides a fantastic view of the imposing Himalayan peaks. It is an ideal place for any nature lover out there. Chaukori is situated at a height of around 2010 m and houses several Hindu temples as well. It provides an excellent opportunity for the photographers to capture some breathtaking photos of the natural scenery, and the serene atmosphere will allow you to get rid of stress and anxiety too. The best time to visit this place will be from April to June when the weather is quite pleasant for performing any outdoor activity as well as sightseeing. However, try to avoid coming to this place in the monsoon season since it can become inaccessible during that time. On the other hand, you can likewise visit Chaukori during the winter season when the area is covered with snow much to the fascination of the vacationers.

Where can you stay in Chaukori?

You will come across some budget-friendly accommodations in this location for the convenience of the tourists. The best options for staying will be the Government cottages. You may likewise stay in nearby locations such as Almora and Kausani if you wish. 

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