Feelyourtrip.com is specially created for travelers. My journey is not so long but I travelled so many places around the world. My name is Shubham and I am a Travel Influencer on Youtube and now blogger. I started my travel journey in 2014 but after some trips I felt nobody is providing proper travel information. So I made travel information video channel which is known as ‘Distance Between’ and right now we have more than millions of subscribers. In 2021 I felt youtube is not a enough platform for travel information so I started this website. Now I am trying to provide every place information with every details on this website but all information is based on my travel experience so you can rely on these information.

Before all these things I did many jobs in some companies but not in travel industry. This field comes into my life through my passion that turns into profession. I gave up my 9-5 job to pursue my passion and travel the world because it gives me happiness. Currently, I am pursuing my passion for travel as a profession. I started my youtube journey on 1 April 2018 by researching on google and making guides about it and once people showered love on the videos I did my first trip to jaipur in october, 2018, and from there, I never looked back. The idea behind the channel’s name is that my youtube videos were all about giving information about the fare, distance, itinerary, tour budget, travel package and time duration from one place to another.

In my opinion everyone should travel because traveling is like meditation, and everyone should travel within 3-4 months to refresh their soul and body. My favorite places to travel in India are Manali and Gangtok. In my experience there are two types of travelers one who prepare a lot and another one is like just take your bag and go on the trip. But if you are going with family then I suggest always prepare in advance because you can’t take any risk with your family. But if you are going alone then sometimes just pack your bag and take little bit information and travel at your own. Because family trip needs entertainment but solo trip is like a feel. So my purpose of this page is to create an image of that place in your mind where you want to travel. I learned over the years of traveling experience that always try and do your hard work only for that thing you love the most. 

I never share my travel, life and professional plans with anyone because I don’t want the interference of anyone. I know if I fail, everyone will discourage me so I didn’t discuss it with anyone. And everybody got to know automatically when they were randomly searching for something and found my video on YouTube. And whenever anybody sees my channel they just call me and say wow Shubham you are doing great and always wish for me to grow more and create more. Your content is worthwhile for everyone, and you are doing great work.” 

So my goal is clear to make travel easy, entertaining, budget friendly because I know everyone can travel just they need good guidance so they can create a picture of their upcoming trip and prepare a good plan with lots of important tips. At last, I want to say that do it now so that you don’t regret it later.