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There is different time best for different places and all the information you will find on this site.

There are few things you should be aware of :

1. Advance Booking (Always book your flight and hotels 30-45 days before the trip)

2. Travel in a Group (Always try to travel with a group or your partner to save more)

3. Use Metro if available (When traveling to metro cities always use metro instead of cab)

4. Try to explore local food (Regional food is always cheaper than your home cuisine)


Travelling can be quite enjoyable until small hassles might creep up all of a sudden out of nowhere. Here we have mentioned some travel hacks that will come of use to you on your next tour.

  1. Rather than a hotel, it will be a sensible idea to book a home in case you are traveling with your family. Otherwise, you may also book an individual room. Go to sites such as Airbnb which will provide private rooms and homes from property owners which will be usually better places to put up as compared to hotels.
  2. Check out your identification credit card, passport, as well as itinerary, and email those to yourself. This will provide you with one more copy of the documents in case there is any loss or robbery.
  3. Make sure to call your debit or credit card company prior to leaving for making sure that your card has been authorized for your tour. This will prevent any sort of suspicion regarding any dubious activity.
  4. Always carry a pen with you before leaving your home for filling up the customs forms. It is a fact that many people will have an eye on your pen while arriving at the airport.

Vlogging has become an important source of income but definitely, you need to know how to build your subscribers and the overall strategy to run your channel.


  • Sponsored Video – Most of the vlogs start in this way. Any brand or company may connect with the vlogger and ask them to make a small video on their brand or talk about the brand’s services.


  • Affiliate Marketing - Instead of getting paid directly, another way of getting paid is via commission. If any of the viewers buy a product through your video given in the video link, then the company tracks it and pays you for that.


  • Product Sales- You create a product and sell it to your viewers.


  • In content advertising- Relevant ads are incorporated in any of your vlogs, if you click on the purchase while watching the video then you will be paid.


  • Brand Ambassadorships - A brand may ask you to continuously promote their brands in the video and for that, you will be paid monthly.

It’s that time of the year where most people travel and are in vacay mode. But with the rise of COVID-19 again, people are quite worried as to how to travel safely and help to prevent transmission. No matter how and where you are traveling, it is very essential to maintain all the preventive measures. Most importantly get vaccinated as soon as your turn comes and take all the safety measures before, during, and after travel.


  • Plan wisely. Complete all your doses of the COVID vaccine before you travel anywhere.
  • Even if you are already fully vaccinated, follow the protective measures while travelling- maintain physical distance, avoid crowded places, wear a mask all the time outdoors, keeping hands sanitized frequently.
  • While travelling, open the windows when in the car, bus or any other vehicle so that ventilation is increased.
  • Follow all the health and travel guidelines issued by the government of the place where you are travelling.

A travel package is a combination made with tickets and accommodation. There might be more options out there, but this is quite rare.

In reality, the traveler will be contracting both services together while receiving a discount for it. This type of package is usually quite advantageous. The airlines might be providing a special rate for assembling the packages which can make the travel packages quite intriguing.

Furthermore, travel agencies will be getting better prices from the hotels as well. Therefore, in case you are contemplating a trip to some location along with your family members, it will be worth hiring a travel package according to your requirements.

After closing a travel package, request the travel agency to send a copy of the agreement to you along with the proof of transportation tickets and hotel reservation. In case you think that there is any problem with the contract, come in touch with the hotel and verify whether there are any reservations for you. If not, inquire the agency regarding the fact.

Will you require a passport for traveling on flights within India? This question might arise in your mind while traveling within the country. The answer will be that it will not be necessary for you to carry a passport while traveling in India. All you need will be a photo ID proof which can be any type of legitimate proof out there.

On the other hand, one will need a passport while boarding a flight or train abroad. In case you are going anywhere outside the border of India, a passport will be required without fail.

However, the above rule applies to Indian citizens only. If you happen to be a foreign citizen traveling by flight within India between 2 airports, you will need a passport of your nation since it will be used for verifying your photo ID plus verification at the airport’s entry point and also prior to boarding the flight at the check-in counter.