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How to explore Sikkim and Gangtok in the best way? Book Your Ticket Now!

Being one of the most beautiful places in India and the most popular tourist spot in North East India, Sikkim witnesses a heavy crowd of tourists throughout the year. Gangtok, being the capital of Sikkim, occupies major tourist spots of the state, it is the peak tourist destination to visit with an amazing view of nature which is not only soothing to the eyes but also brings peace to the soul. 

How can you reach Gangtok? Book Your Hotel Now!

To reach Gangtok you have to first reach Siliguri in West Bengal which is 112 km away from Gangtok and it takes about 5 to 6 hours to reach from Siliguri to Gangtok. In case you are traveling by train then there are two railway stations in Siliguri, the prior one is the Siliguri railway station and the latter one is the New Jalpaiguri railway station you can reach any one of these stations.

The fare of reaching Siliguri from Delhi is around 1700 rupees in 3rd class AC and it takes about a day to reach here. To reach Gangtok from Siliguri you can book a cab, hire a shared taxi, or can even opt for a bus. Although there are only two bases available from Siliguri to Gangtok out of which is at 6:00 a.m. and the other is at 8:45 a.m.

The ticket for the bus is 180 rupees per person. If you are looking for a shared cab then it costs 300 rupees but you can bargain it as per your bargaining skills. These sharing cabs are available both from the Siliguri bus stand near Siliguri railway station and the New Jalpaiguri railway station.

In case you are traveling by flight then the nearest airport to Gangtok is Bagdogra airport, located in Bagdogra, West Bengal. The flight takes around 1.5 hours to reach from Delhi to Bagdogra and the fare keeps on changing as per the season.

To reach Gangtok from Bagdogra airport you can opt for a bus or a private taxi where the ticket for the bus is around 40 to 50 rupees per person while a private taxi costs from 2500 to 3500 rupees. The best time to visit Sikkim is from March to May and from October to December. It is not recommended to visit Sikkim from June to September due to the monsoon season which prohibits visiting the places and makes the area very slippery. Monsoons in Sikkim even lead to landslides as most tourist spots are at an altitude so the roads are closed then.

How to reach North Sikkim? (Lachen and Lachung) Book Like Pro

You cannot travel to all parts of North Sikkim by your vehicle as you need a proper permit for it which can only be done by hiring a travel agent who can guide you in this procedure. Lachung is about 102 kilometers away from Gangtok and one needs to hire a car or bus to reach this destination by traveling for about 4 to 5 hours. The road which leads to Lachen and Lachung is both condemned and paved but the best part of this route is that it has some amazing viewpoints of valleys and waterfalls every few kilometers which are perfect points to click pictures. Lachen is located approximately 46.6 kilometers away from Lachung and it takes about 1.4 hours to reach this destination by vehicle. 

The best time to visit North Sikkim is from March to mid-May and October to mid-December when there is less probability of landslides. 

What is the cost of public transport in North Sikkim? Book Cheap Hotels

The package of a travel agency you hire for visiting Sikkim with a proper permit costs from 4000 to 7500 rupees per person approximately depending upon the season. This amount is for 2 nights and 2 days in Gangtok and 2 nights and 3 days in other parts of Sikkim.

The best location to book a hotel in Gangtok is at MG Road where the average cost of a hotel is 1500 rupees per night for 2 adults. Before booking a hotel ensure that it is on the road, not off-side or at a height because then a lot of time is spent traveling. A stay of about 1 to 2 nights is enough in Gangtok.

One can even hire a cab to visit Gangtok which costs around 2000 to 2500 rupees for 2 days or can rent a scooter which costs 1000 rupees per day. If you are hiring a bike it costs nearly 1500 rupees per day. If you are carrying less luggage with you then you can hire a scooter from Siliguri which costs 600 rupees per day. If you are traveling in Gangtok by car the parking fee for the vehicle is 30 rupees at every location. The total cost of meals in Gangtok is around 500 to 600 rupees per day for an adult.

It is recommended to book a hotel in Lachung where facilities and prices are much better than the hotels at Lachen. The cost of hotels in Lachung ranges from 1000 to 1500 rupees for 2 adults per night. To reach Lachung in North Sikkim you can hire a shared cab which costs around 400 rupees per person. If you are booking a 4 seater SUV in North Sikkim for a whole day it will cost around 2500 rupees per head.

Amazing places to explore in Gangtok

Hanuman Tok: Located at a height and a distance of about 8 km from the main Gangtok it takes nearly 20 to 25 minutes to reach Hanuman Tok. With a spectacular view and numerous mythological stories of this Temple, this place is a must-visit site in Sikkim. 

Ganesh Tok and Himalayan Zoological Park: Located at a distance of 3.7 kilometers from Hanuman Tok is the Ganesh Tok which takes 10 minutes to reach and opposite it is the Himalayan Zoological park. The entry ticket to the Himalayan Zoological park is 25 rupees for an adult and 10 rupees for children aged from 5 to 14 years. The visiting hours of the zoo are from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. while the ticket counter of the zoo closes sharp at 3:00 p.m. so if you are planning to visit this zoo do ensure to visit it first before its closing time. 

Plant Conservatory: While returning from Ganesh Tok you can visit the Plant Conservatory at a distance of about 5 kilometers away where the entry ticket costs 30 rupees per person. If you are visiting Sikkim between January to April a lot of blooming flowers can be found during this period in this controversy with an awesome fragrance.

Lhasa Waterfalls: Located at a distance of about less than a kilometer from the Plant Conservatory is the Lhasa waterfalls with a high flow of clean water from April to September. 

Tashi Viewpoint: With a perfect view for clicking photographs, Tashi View Point has a heartwarming view of the mountains covered with clouds and the presence of valleys beneath them. The entry fee to this place is free of cost although you can pay 10 rupees per person if you want a closer view of the mountains through binoculars.

Gonjang Monastery: Located at a walking distance of 7 minutes from Tashi view point, Gonjang monastery is a Buddhist temple with golden statues and proper cleanliness. The front yard of the monastery faces the beautiful mountain ranges covered with snowfall most periods of the year.

MG Road: MG road of Gangtok is a perfect place to chill with many eatery outlets and branded showrooms. From evening to night this place witnesses a heavy crowd. Although the prices at this place are comparatively higher than other cities. In case if you are on a budget-friendly trip then you can walk up to the lower street from MG Road where there are other eatery outlets at a reasonable price. 

Namgyal Monastery: Located at a distance of a few meters from the Namgyal Institute of Tibetology which has a small museum is the Namgyal Monastery. The Namgyal monastery is a Buddhist monastery. A few minutes away from this location is a small plant exhibition center where different blooming flowers can be found. If you have already visited the Plant Conservatory prior then visiting this place is not worth enough. The entry ticket to the plant exhibition center is 20 rupees per person while it is free for children below 5 years of age.

What are some of the hidden places to explore in North Sikkim?

How to explore Lachung in Sikkim?

Changu Lake: A manifesting view of the lake located just next to mountains with high peaks and covered with snow during a major time of the year has a breathtaking view where you can spend hours sitting and connecting yourself to nature.

Baba Harbhajan Singh Smarak: It takes less than an hour to reach Baba Harbajan Singh Smarak from Changu Lake. This place witnesses a heavy crowd of tourists due to its spectacular view of the valley. Since this place is located at a height it is mostly cold here so getting winter wear becomes essential here. In case you are not carrying one with you then you can even rent a coat or jacket at your convenience from the shops near Changu Lake. 

Zero Point: The zero point is located at a height and it is covered with snow almost throughout the year so you need to carry your winter wear. In case you are not having your winter wear you can’t rent it from the shops on the way from your hotel to the destination. Since this place is located at a higher altitude therefore people who have breathing problems are not recommended to visit this place due to the lack of oxygen supply here.

Nathula Pass: The Nathula Pass connects India with China therefore non-Indians are prohibited to visit this place. Even Indians can visit this place with an inner permit. The permit costs 200 rupees per person. When the whole country bears up with hot and dry summers you can play with snow here.

Places you cannot miss to witness in Lachen

Gurudongmar Lake: Gurudongmar Lake is located near the international border so foreigners are not allowed to this place while Indians are only allowed after an inner permit. This destination is a peak tourist spot in Lachen and is considered a sacred place.

Lhonak Valley or Muguthang Valley: Lhonak Valley is a popular tourist spot in Sikkim due to its trekking. While most of this place is covered by the Indian army, the trekking part has some amazing views of wildlife and birds in the valley.

Lachen Monastery: One of the most popular monasteries in Sikkim is the Lachen Gompa, popularly known as Lachen Monastery. This monastery is an inspiring architecture of Tibetan culture, thus a lot of Tibetan and Nepali people can be found here.

How much does a trip to Sikkim cost?

The cost of an individual in Gangtok is around 3200 rupees for 1 night and 2 days but if you are willing to extend your trip for 2 nights and 2 days it will cost you approximately 4000 rupees per person exclusive of the entry tickets for the destinations you visit and your shopping stuff.

The total amount mentioned above includes accommodation, transport, and daily meals in Gangtok only. The total money spent in North Sikkim is nearly around 4000 per person for 3 days and 2 nights. This amount includes accommodation, meals, and transport. The major amount spent in North Sikkim is on transport, therefore it is better to buy a package that will not only save you money but it will also save you time hunting for shared taxis.


Do ensure to carry your winter wear like jackets, sweaters, gloves, and caps to Sikkim as many places are located at a high altitude where carrying woolens is an essential part. This will also save you money. Apart from carrying woolen, don’t forget to carry an umbrella as rains are so unpredictable in Sikkim.

We hope your journey to Sikkim flourishes with numerous memories and a cheerful time you spend here with your loved ones.

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