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Kasol Trip How to Reach & Plan Himachal Pradesh

The town of Kasol, located in northern India, is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country after Manali. With regard to its geographical position in relation to Bhuntar (the closest airport), it is situated 32 kilometers away in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. On the banks of the mythical Parvati River, this captivating town hides a wealth of unknown legends, which are revealed only to those who visit there.

Back in 2008-2009, it was a much different brand than it is now. There were just a few groups of Europeans that came to the Parvati valley at that time, looking for quiet and the Malana cream. However, it has expanded tremendously in recent years. Everyone in his or her life has a fantasy of visiting this magical area at least once in his or her life. It all began around 2012 when social media was at its peak, and individuals were eager to share their trip experiences with the rest of the globe. This was the period during which Kasol was first brought to the attention of the Indian public, and the company has developed exponentially since then. 

Best Time To Visit In Kasol 

Is there a good time to visit Kasol?

The ideal time to visit Kasol is from October to June.

1. The Winter –

Temperatures range from 3 to 11 degrees Fahrenheit.

The season runs from October until February.

Trekking adventures along the Kheer Ganga, Sar Pass, and Pin Parvati Pass

2. Summers

Temperatures range from 13 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

March through June is the timeframe for this project.

Indrasan festival, summer hills festival, and electric Mahadev festival are among the activities.

3. Monsoon season –

Temperatures range from 22 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit from July through September. Activities include sightseeing.

How To Reach Kasol 

In general, there are three primary roads that go to Kasol.

By Air: 

The closest airport to Kasol is the Bhuntar Airport, which is located 38 kilometers away from the city center. One may fly to Delhi and then take a separate trip to Bhuntar airport, which are both located in the same city. Further, from Bhuntar, you may take a running bus to Kasol, which will cost you around Rs. 80 per person; or, you can rent a taxi from Bhuntar to Kasol, which will cost you approximately Rs. 700 per person.

It works the other way around.

You may also take a flight from Delhi to Shimla, and from there, after spending a day or two touring Shimla (the historic British summer capital), you can either take a bus to Bhuntar or a straight taxi to Kasol, depending on your preference.

By Road

All of the buses from Delhi to Manali pass via Bhuntar. As a result, it is preferable to travel by Volvo bus from Delhi (Kashmiri Gate) to Bhuntar. Delhi is 480 kilometers away from Bhuntar, and a Volvo bus will take around 12 hours to go between the two locations.

The journey from Delhi to Chandigarh may also be completed by Shatabadi (train), which is one of the most pleasant and even the quickest modes of transportation available.

By Railway 

The closest railway station to Kasol is the Jogindernagar railway station, which is located 168 kilometers away from the city. Upon arrival at Jogindernagar, one may choose to go by either taxi or public transportation system. 

Best Places To Visit In Kasol 


Manikaran is a sacred site for both Hindus and Sikhs, and it is situated 4 kilometers away from Kasol in the Himalayas. Manikaran may be reached by bus or taxi, which can be booked in advance. When it comes to this location, the Hindus and Sikhs have quite different perspectives. Hindus say that Lord Shiva’s bride once lost her earrings somewhere near Manikaran, which resulted in the formation of a hot water spring at Manikaran and the subsequent development of the town. Sikhs, on the other hand, have a completely distinct set of beliefs. Sikhs believe that Guru Nanak Dev ji traveled to Manikaran with around 1500 devotees at one point in time. Eventually, one of the disciples became hungry, and Guru Nanak Dev Ji raised one of the stones to reveal a hot water spring from which the meal was prepared.


It is a little town near Kasol, and it is a straightforward journey, with you being able to leisurely make your way there in approximately 30 minutes. It is an ideal location for psychedelic parties since it is tucked away deep in the woods. A number of parties are held by world-class DJs during the duration of the music festival. Additionally, Challal is one of the locations that is well-known for its Hash. Challal is a wonderful place to unwind, and it is home to several excellent cafes that serve delicious meals.

Located in Himachal Pradesh’s Parvati Valley, Pulga Pulga is regarded as a lovely and tranquil community. The fact that this community is located at an elevation of 9498 feet above sea level adds to the allure of this area even more. It is necessary to take a bus or hire a bike from Bhuntar in order to go to Pulga village. From there, one must travel to Barsheni, from whence a short walk or hiking will take you into the hamlet. To reach this wealthy community in the Parvati valley, one must first trek down the dam building site, which takes 30-40 minutes, and then continue walking.

The initial glimpse of the town is breathtaking; you will be able to see a cluster of wooden cottages that have been created in a very distinctive manner. Building the buildings in such a manner that they can store wood throughout the year is a priority. Heavy snowfall throughout the winter months makes it very difficult for individuals to gather fodder and wood to keep themselves warm; as a result, they begin collecting wood before the cold weather sets in for the season.

The construction of a temple dedicated to Lord Narayana, who is the village’s patron god, is underway in the village’s center. The most typical feature that I have seen in Parvati valley is that in every hamlet, a temple dedicated to one or more deities is constructed in the heart of the village, which serves as a focal point for the local villagers’ social gathering.


Rasol is a name that almost everyone is familiar with these days, but have you ever heard of Kasol? This picturesque town is located just a few kilometers from Kasol and can be reached by walking for around 2-3 hours in total. Traveling from Bhuntar to Kasol and then toward the iconic bridge that links Challal and Kasol is the only way to get to this hamlet from the rest of India. After 20 minutes of hiking, a tiny town called Challah is reached, from whence it takes another 2-3 hours of trekking to reach Rasol. The walk is not challenging; rather, it is basic and uncomplicated, making it suitable for people of any age group to participate in. My sole recommendation to you is that you never visit Parvati Valley with your family members; instead, you should go to this country of wanderlust with your friends instead. On the route to Rasol, you will see a lot of signboards directing you in the direction of the Magic Rasol sign.

The food products in the hamlet are somewhat more expensive than those in Kasol since the things are transported physically rather than via the use of a transportation technique. The village has guest homes where visitors may stay and take advantage of the tranquility and tranquillity provided by the natural environment. So, if you are planning a vacation to Kasol, be sure to include this gorgeous hamlet on your itinerary since it is one of the best villages in the Parvati valley to visit.


If you are looking for calm vacations with a touch of luxury, this is not the place for you; however, if you are looking for peace and relaxation as well as an action-packed escape, this is the right location for you guys. Kheerganga has lately become so well-known that young people from all over the world, not just from our own nation, but from all over the world, are coming to it in great numbers to enjoy the calm and hot water springs at the summit of the mountain. Kalga is an excellent site to take a rest on your route to Kheerganga; a day hike from the town of Kalga will take you to the Kheerganga temple.


Malana is one of the most mysterious villages in the Parvati valley, and it is located near the town of Malana. This name has developed a great deal of popularity in the last 4-5 years, attracting people not only from India but also from all around the world. In this hamlet, the Malana cream, which is considered to be one of the greatest hashes in the world, is famed for its richness and richness. It is not permitted to touch any local people or property. Notably, the temple is dedicated to the local deity, Jamlu Devta, when visiting this hamlet; failure to comply can result in severe penalties, which may go as high as Rs. 5,000 in the most extreme cases, as well as imprisonment. Also, bear in mind that you cannot even pay for the items by putting money in the hands of locals since this would be considered theft. You must pay them by placing money on the floor, and they will then choose from that pile of money. As a result, this community is referred to as the Village of Taboos. 

Hotels in Kasol 

Here is the list of the best hotels in Kasol which will make your trip more comfortable and hassle-free. 

  • The Hosteller Kasol 
  • North Deodar Camps 
  • Parvati Kuteer 
  • Whoopers Hostel 
  • The Hillside Hostel 

I hope you found the information about visiting Kasol above to be useful. For any more questions, please do not hesitate to post them in the comments area below this article. 

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