Shimla: A Complete Travel Guide

Shimla is the summer capital of Indian State Himachal Pradesh. With its majestic mountains, colonial architecture, and serene atmosphere, Shimla rightfully earns the title of “Queen of Hills. From snow-capped peaks to cascading waterfalls, Shimla’s diverse natural beauty crowns it the “Queen of Hills. It has hills, valleys, oak, and pine trees. You can visit this place all over Year. Come winter, Shimla shimmers under a blanket of snow, attracting adventure seekers. In stark opposition, summer transforms into a haven of tranquility, a stark contrast to the sweltering heat of the Northern plains, with its pleasantly cool temperatures beckoning weary travelers. ( Book Toy Train)

Unveiling the secrets of Shimla’s fame Several reasons come to mind, each contributing to its unique charm and allure ( Shimla v\s Manali)

  • The beautiful view from the hilltop
  • The calm soothing atmosphere
  • Aesthetic snow-covered mountains
  • Large farms of apples
  • High-quality woolen clothes
  • Various adventures like ice skating, camping, mountain biking, paragliding, etc.

How to reach Chandigarh To Shimla and Delhi To Shimla?

It has bus stop and Railway station, buses are available from almost all the states of India. You Can Reach here by any means of transport.

  • By road: It has bus availability from most of the near by states.  For an adventurous road trip reaching by bike or car is possible. A bus is an alternate roadway option available. The fare from Delhi to Shimla starts from 500 rupees per person which takes nearly 10 hours to reach. If you prefer a more budget-friendly option, consider taking a bus from Chandigarh to Shimla
  • By train: The toy train is a major attraction that most people opt to reach Shimla. The toy train starts from Kalka railway station to Shimla railway station. Your adventure begins with a journey! After touching down in Chandigarh, prepare for a five-hour train journey that winds its way through the Himalayas, ultimately leading you to the breathtaking hill station of It. Along the way, be mesmerized by the breathtaking panorama of snow-capped mountains. As you wind through the mountains, marvel at the stunning panorama of snow-blanketed peaks.

The Indian Railways take about 5 hours to reach from Delhi to Kalka costing 500 rupees per person in third-class AC. You can book train or bus from kalka.

  • By flight: The nearest airport is Jabarhatti which is about 22 km from the main city . Planning a weekend getaway from Delhi? Consider a quick flight to Shimla, reaching your destination in under 1.5 hours. Traveling by flight is expensive costing about 3000 rupees per person.

The Best Time to Visit

Want to see snow? Head to Shimla! Shimmering snow cloaks in a breathtaking winter wonderland, captivating visitors from December to February. Get ready for breathtaking views of snow-covered landscapes. Experience the thrill of peak snowfall ! From December to February, temperatures plummet and snow blankets the city. Pack your warmest winter gear for this unforgettable adventure! . Adventure seekers, rejoice! It transforms into a winter wonderland with temperatures around -2°C to 10°C. Pack warm clothes and check weather forecasts for the latest updates.

Hotels’ in Shimla?

Shimla, a natural haven for tourists, boasts hotels readily available online and offline. The hotels near Mall Road are a prime location to stay in. The cost of these hotels ranges from rupees 800 to rupees 1200 per night depending on the season.  Below is the list of a few preferred hotels in Shimla:

  • Shimla View Kamyana: Located 5 kilometers from the city center the cost of a single room View Kamyana is around 800 rupees for 2 adults per day. The hotel serves north Indian and local food. The meal charges are around 200 rupees per person. Many trekking routes and bird-watching sites are available near this site.
  • Nice View by Lazy Getaways: Located in the center of Shimla, the Nice View by Lazy Gates Hotel provides a beautiful view of the mountains and the valleys of Shimla. The hotel costs 950 rupees for 2 adults per day. This includes various categories of rooms, separate seating areas, free wifi, and breakfast.
  • Jhaku Vibes: Located 3 kilometers from the Jhakoo temple this site is famous for its scenic view. Amenities like barbeque, bonfires, and indoor games are provided here. The cost of a room in Jhaku Vibes is around 1400 rupees for 2 adults per day which includes breakfast. This hotel has a vibe of calmness.
  • The Castle Resort: For breathtaking views and an immersive nature experience, head to The Castle Resort in Kufri, Shimla’s outskirts.. A stay of 2 adults per day costs around 1300 rupees. It includes a bonfire, spa, kid’s play area,  indoor games, jungle safari, and other amenities. 

Places to visit

This hill station’s mesmerizing landscape, with its rolling hills and verdant valleys, attracts visitors from all corners of the globe. You need 3 days to plan a trip to Shimla.


Let the toy train whisk you away on a journey of discovery, culminating in captivating encounters within Shimla.

  • Tara Devi Temple: The Tara Devi temple is located 15 km away from the main city . This temple is located at a high altitude. The public bus takes around Rs 100 per person for both sides of the trip. Picture this: fluffy clouds hug towering mountains. In between, a stunning temple shines, built with wood and glass! That’s Tara Devi, waiting to amaze you. Very few tourists visit this place. The temple offers food every Tuesday, Sunday, and other special days.
  • Dhoodhari Temple: 5 minutes of walking distance with a scenic view from the Tara Devi Temple is the Dhoodhari temple. This temple offers stunning panoramic views of the entire valley below! Make your trip truly special with a visit to the must-see.
  • Viceregal Lodge: The historic Viceregal Lodge now houses the prestigious Indian Institute of Advanced Studies. The entry fee is 30 rupees per person for the lodge and botanical garden. The entry fee to the main building is 200 rupees per person which is completely optional.

Next Day

Dedicate this to exploring Shimla’s exciting sightseeing options!

  • Jakhu Temple: Hike Shimla’s highest peak, Jakhu Mountain, and discover the sacred Jakhu Temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. The view from the peak of this mountain is just unimaginable. Witness the magic of Shimla firsthand with a panoramic view that encompasses the entire city. Experience a different side at Jakhu Mountain’s peak. The cooler climate provides a refreshing escape from the city’s warmth.

Reach Jakhu Temple easily by taking the ropeway! Prices are ₹250 for a one-way trip and ₹470 for a round-trip ticket for adults Taxi services are available to this temple. It is located 2 km from the ridge. Calling all thrill-seekers! This stunning location boasts breathtaking views and a steep slope that will test your balance and reward you with unforgettable scenery. Wear sturdy shoes and be mindful of your footing. Be sure to wear proper footwear and exercise caution For easier access, consider a taxi or cable car.

  • The Mall Road: Explore Shimla’s lively Mall Road! This kilometer-long marketplace offers shopping, sightseeing, and local experiences People walk here to enjoy the famous shops of Shimla. Enjoy peace of mind with your meals! Mall Road’s eatery outlets prioritize cleanliness and hygiene, offering a safe and enjoyable dining experience. The Mall Road is the perfect place to shop and chill in Shimla. 

You can use lift to reach Mall Road. You can’t take any Vehicle to Mall road. The best time to visit this place is in the evening. 

If you are looking for low Budget Market you can visit Lakhar bazar which is down side from Mall road.No need to compromise on taste or budget! The ridge conveniently combines stunning scenery with a variety of budget-friendly eatery options.

  • The Ridge: This place gives an open view of city. Many movies were shoot here. Clear skies unveil the majestic Himalayan ranges from the ridge, a sight that leaves you awestruck.. Activities like horse riding and others are available here. You will found crowd in evening here. 


You can go to kufri and come back on same day. After exploring Kufri, continue your adventure in Narkanda. This charming hill station offers diverse experiences throughout the year.

  • Kufri: it is very famous tourist attraction. It is 15 Km from Main city center, adventure sports like Zip lining, Burma Bridge, bungee jumping, and many others are available in Kufri. You can enjoy famous apple garden and beautiful views of Himalyas from here.

Planning a trip to Kufri? Choose between a quick taxi ride or a budget-friendly bus journey (both under an hour). Remember, the tourist site opens in the morning and closes in the evening.

The other famous places to visit include the Kali Bari Temple, Scandal Point, Green Valley, Middle Bazaar, Church, and others. Beyond the “lift,” the best way to experience Shimla is a walk through Mall Road and Scandal Point

Mobile Network

Shimla has a well-connected mobile network. Almost all mobile networks like BSNL, Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone work fairly well in Shimla. The speed of Internet was low here. Now a days 5G internet is available. The valleys in Shimla do not have a stable internet connection. The locals prefer the Jio and Vodafone network in Shimla.

How to travel Local?

The budget-friendly and comfortable option to travel in Shimla is by city bus. You should bargain here to get a good price here. There is no auto rickshaw facility in Shimla. Shimla boasts a unique “lift” system, offering the best and cheapest way to travel between mountains. This convenient option costs only 10 rupees.  There is no facility to rent scooters or bikes in Shimla.

Shimla has two bus stands. The Tutikandi bus stand is where buses from Delhi and other cities arrive and depart. Book your bus at Mall Road’s main bus stand. The fare from Tutikandi to the Old Bus stand is Rs 15 by bus, or Rs 200 by taxi.

Other tips

For a family trip or group of people visiting Shimla taking a package is budget-friendly where the package includes accommodation in a 3-star hotel, breakfast, dinner, and transportation in Shimla and Kufri by car. 

  • Shimla experiences distinct seasons. Summer (March-June) offers warm days (around 25°C) and pleasant evenings (around 15°C). Winter (November-February) brings a different atmosphere with cooler temperatures, averaging 8°C highs and lows dipping below freezing (-5°C).
  • Family trip: Buying a package is the best option available for a trip to Shimla. A 3-day and 2-night package to Shimla costs up to 9000 rupees per person in a family package. It includes arrival from Delhi to Shimla and departure to Delhi by car. A stay in a 4-star rated hotel, sightseeing in Shimla and Kufri.
  • Couple trip: Many people choose Shimla as a honeymoon destination. A 4-day and 3-night stay in Shimla costs around 8500 rupees per person. It includes pick and drop from Delhi to Shimla by a Volvo bus. Stay in a 3-star hotel, breakfast, dinner, 1 night in Narkanda, sightseeing in Shimla, Kufri and Narkanda. This package include fuel and other charges.

Budget to travel to Shimla

A stay of 2 to 3 days in Shimla is enough. The total cost of living for 3 days in Shimla is approximately 5000 rupees per person. This cost will not include extra charges . Other expenses like adventure sports in Kufri, shopping, and other such activities can increase the budget. 

Hotel: Rs 1500

Meals: Rs 1200

Transportation: Rs 1500

Planning a trip to Shimla for two? You can set a daily budget of Rs 4200! To save money, consider:

  • Booking a budget-friendly hotel: Look for cheaper accommodation options to lower your lodging expenses.
  • Traveling by public bus: You can use Public buses to reduce the cost of the trip.

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