Water Sports In Andaman & Nicobar

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands of India are famous for their clear Blue Water, scenic view, and natural forest reserve. But the most exciting part is what could be more tempting than enjoying the water with its pleasant view. The amazing Water Heritage of the Islands provides various water activities to perform by people of any age. The price of water sports is usually the same at all the beaches in Andaman and Nicobar Islands but usually, the water sports performed at the popular beaches of the Havelock, Neil are comparatively costly than North Bay Island of Port Blair Islands.

Water Sports

What Is Underwater sea walks

you can walk between the fishes and see the coral life. This experience is different when fish do come to you. Some people do also wonder if they may suffer from breathing problems or they don’t know swimming but that’s not an issue as it is completely okay if you are a non-swimmer. Some proper instructors help you have a walk in the underwater sea and even the well-acquainted helmets help you breathe easily underwater along with enjoying the view. The cost of an underwater sea walk is around 3500 rupees per person and photos and videos of you underwater are complementary. We tried it in North Bay Island and it was once in life moment for us.

Scuba Diving in Andamans

Scuba diving is the most famous water activity in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. One of the best beaches to enjoy scuba diving in Havelock island is Elephant Beach where a boat takes you to the middle of the beach at a depth of 12 meters from mean sea level. The most exciting part of this is that Scuba diving is usually preferred at a depth of 6 to 7 m at other places while in Andaman and Nicobar Islands it is done at double depth. The underwater World is a completely different experience where everything appears colorful and floral. Although your can experience similar scuba at low price in North Bay island too.

The cost of scuba diving is around 3000 to 3500 per person. Apart from this, you can also try scuba diving at Neil islands.

Also, do you have to reach Bharatpur beach as it is the only beach in the Neil islands where water sports are available? The unique feature of this beach is that you can also see the sandbank during low tides which is the perfect place to click photographs in between the beach. 

How to do parasailing in Andamans?

Parasailing is one of the perfect sports for adventure and entertainment. A small boat is used to reach the middle of the beach where a speed boat is already present. Parasailing is when a parasailor flies up in the sky with a parachute and the control is in the hands of the speed boat below on the beach. The average height for parasailing is about 80-100 meters above mean sea level. A person doesn’t need to acquire any special skill for this water sport. All you have to do is enjoy, relax and have a breathtaking view while flying in the sky. You can even vlog your exciting moments. The fun part of this water activity is when the motorboat speeds up and you feel elevated up in the sky and have a dip in the water the very next moment.

The cost of parasailing is 3000 to 4000 rupees per person where you can fly like a kite and have a glance at the natural beauty of the Islands and the sea.

How to do the famous Banana Boat Ride in Andamans?

How about falling into the clear blue water under a blue sky? Yes, the Banana boat ride gives you such a pleasant experience which comprises an inflatable boat shaped like a banana where a maximum of five people can be seated at a single time. The banana-shaped board is then attached to a speed boat. The moment the speed boat sprints across the sea, the riders are thrown off the boat. While the riders are through the surf wearing life jackets, they start fresh by pulling themselves back onto the Banana boat.

The cost of a banana boat ride for individuals is around 500 rupees. The age limit for this water ride is 12 years and above.

The water sports at Havelock Islands provide one of the best Banana boat riding experiences, you can also try in north bay island.

The epic fun of Jet Ski in the Andaman Islands

Jet skiing is one of the most exciting and energizing water games, especially if you are a person who is in love with adventure and thrill. A maximum of two people can do jet skiing at a single time. Usually, people prefer jet skiing with an instructor. Although sometimes jet skiing can be dangerous in Andaman due to the high tides so do ensure to check the weather before enjoying this water sport. Do ensure not to stand up or perform any other stunt while Jet skiing as it can be not fruitful for you.

The minimum age for Jet Skiing is 12 years and above. The average cost of Jet skiing is 600 rupees per person. 

The Adventurous Sea Kart experience in Andamans

The sea kart adventure is the newest addition to the water sports of Andaman and Nicobar. This water sport is loved by people who are into action and speed. Well, have you ever thought of driving a vehicle at water level? If not then the sea kart adventure is perfect to try your hands on. Quite similar to jet skiing where an instructor drives you here in sea kart it’s not so. The control of your vehicle is only in your hands but an instructor is present to guide you through the way. Including a place for instructors, two more people can enjoy this ride simultaneously. This water ride is only available in Port Blair. Although the price of these water activities is a bit expensive, it is still preferred by people because it is a rare water sport and found only in three places in the world.

It costs around 3000 to 3500 per person on a shared basis while it costs around 5000 rupees for a solo driver.

How to experience the thrill of Speed Boating in Andamans?

Are you a person who wants to try water activities but is afraid of entering inside water? Well, if you are so then there is no need to worry as speed boating is the perfect water activity for you where you are safely seated inside a speedboat wearing a life jacket which adds more security. The speed boat then drove onto the sea at a high-speed splashing water. These water activities can be enjoyed by people of any age.

Usually, people with children below 12 years of age find it difficult to enjoy any water activity with their family so speed boating is a perfect solution for your problem as you can enjoy this water activity with your family. The cost of this water activity is approximately rupees 1000 per person.

What is Sport Fishing and how to do it?

People who love fearless fun never miss an opportunity to sport fishing that too especially when they are visiting an Island. The sport of fishing or angling is about catching your food from the sea. Usually in India people prefer catching fish to any other marine animal. The Anarkali Colony, Shyam Nagar in Havelock Islands of Andaman and Nicobar are the best places for sport fishing as there are plentiful amounts of fish found here. While some people just try this activity to get their hands on fishing while some of them have a stomach-full meal from their efforts of fishing the whole day long.

The cost of sports fishing or angling is dependent on the number of fish you catch.

Snorkeling fun in the Islands of Andamans

There is no need to mention the marine life of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands as it is famous worldwide for its unique corals and beautiful view which attracts thousands of tourists. Snorkeling is a fun activity where you can see colorful corals, and marine life and closely observe the rarest species of corals present in the Arabian sea.

The best place to enjoy these water activities is at elephant beach in North Bay where it costs around 1000 rupees for an individual. Usually, people who find themselves attached to nature or are interested in exploring unique reserves of nature never miss an opportunity like this.

The amazing Kaya King in the waters of Andamans

We all have seen the glowing sea water in some movies but what if you have the chance to witness it in reality? 

Kayaking is about exploring the greenery of the natural reserves of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. A group of 3 to 5 people is seated on a boat and row it together exploring the forest of the island. This water activity is quite a calm, composed, and fun activity. Kayaking is usually performed at Havelock, Neil, Port Blair, and Ross Islands. Out of this, you can witness the bioluminescence glow of water in Port Blair during the night which is a perfect view to be captured with your camera. It is one of the most stunning views one can ever witness with their own naked eyes.

The cost of Kayaking is around 2500 rupees per person but do ensure the weather before going for this water activity because sometimes the seawater and the streams have high tides and performing this water sport can be quite risky.


The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a perfect destination not only for a trip with friends and family but also if you are looking for a solo trip there are certain things to be insured before starting your journey which is: do ensure to check your equipment before trying any water activity although proper equipment is provided by water sports agencies your safety is in your hands only. Have a proper note of wearing light clothes so that you do not feel bulky while enjoying any water sports. At last, don’t forget to carry your camera and have lifelong memories captured with a click.

Hope your fun and enjoyment continue to grow with every trip and you collect a tremendous number of memories in Andaman and Nicobar Islands especially when it comes to water sports which are so soothing to you.

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